Earn Dynamic Incomes by Helping Us
Launch New Business Concepts to the World

Daily-Bits provides you with the benefits of being involved with a unique business project that specializes in the development and promotion of software, ideas, products and Social Media concepts.  We apply a majority of our sales revenue towards the development of new and innovative businesses to support the security and longevity of Daily-Bits.

Commissions and bonuses are paid on a daily basis according to the sales of Daily-Bits products and services with additional commissions and bonus' being paid to those who are active participants.  Miners are used to determine the earning power for the passive portion of our program and a new Social Media marketing platform is soon to be introduced to automatically give you the power to attract and enhance new business via your social influence.

We thank you for viewing our site and wish to express that it is our sincere goal to help each and everyone of the Daily-Bits Team earn a secure and substantial income.  

Your Path to Power!

Each Miner generates energy in the form of prospecting power and thus increased results are achieved by the number of miners controlled.  The number of miners you control relates to the amount of money paid to you.  The revenue that is generated from sales is distributed on a daily and pro rata basis.  We take the number of active miners in the system and share with each account holder according to their number of active miners.  Bottom line: The more miners you control, the greater your earnings.  

Keys to Success

We believe that dedicated support and ongoing training are the key factors in building strong marketing teams and ultimately producing maximum success. For those who desire to build the business of Daily-Bits, we pay team commissions of 2% through 10 Team Levels on all sales and daily revenue share payments made.  

Simple Qualification Ensure Continuous Success

  • Annual Account Fee - $20.  DO THIS FIRST.
  • Those interested in maintaining a 100% Qualifier need to purchase 20 Miners per month, however we do give you 100% for 30 days upon first activating your account. 
  • Each new Miner adds 5% to your Qualifier, remains active for 30 days and costs just $1.00.
  • Lower Qualifiers pay at the lower percentage  Example: If you purchased just 10 Miners per month, you would be entitled to a 50% (10 x's 5%) daily earnings ratio.  Therefore, if you were to be paid $10 per day and your Qualifier was 50%, you would be paid $5.  Regardless of your Qualifier, Miners will continue to produce earning until they expire.

Current Project Developments

  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Golden Visa
  • Holiday & Travel
  • Health & Wellness
  • Affiliate / Revenue Share Software
    • Members are invited to discuss ways in which we can help you establish your own company.
      Terms and Costs may apply.


We are developing a platform that will allow you to post to all of your Facebook account with a single push of the button.  We believe that this is the best way for everyone to get a minimum of 10 new affiliates in their direct team.  Our hopes are that each of you who follow this trianing will gain 1,000's.


For those who wish to take an active role in Team Building, you can increase your earnings substantially as you are paid a 2% from all sales and reveneu share through 10 levels of Team Members.  To some, 2% maydoes not sound like much, however, let us assure you that this is set so that the company will last for decades.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a lasting business. 


5% of gloabal sales are distributed to Team Leaders each month. These are the top 5 'Active' Introducers who qualify with a minimum of 10 new 'Active' users introduced during the month.  This bonus is by far the largest short term payout each month.  It is designed so that winners get an equal chance each month - no matter when you start.  


Regular webinars are held to further develop the network, answer questions and provide overall support.


Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency.  It is quite simply the most secure because it is being accepted by an increasing number of retailers, banks, governments, schools etc throught the globe.  Click here for details.  


The awesome power of compounding is known by most of us, but few do anything about it.  To help you understand this do a few searches on the internet and learn.